How to find God


Do not think that it is easy to find God. He does not manifest to anyone, especially for those of little faith. God manifest Himself for the

Warriors, for those who seek the Word and those who face day to day with

dedication. God is Love, He is Life and He is also Death. Prepare to read

Strong words, because I am a Messenger of God and my Codename is

Silence. Use your imagination, from now on everything will be based

In her.  Amen.

Chapter 1: How I find God


God revealed to me for the first time when I was 18/19 years old, I was young and happy for getting a job after a long time unemployed in Curitiba, on the state of Paraná. God manifested as pure light and my life take a different direction.

I started to act with euphoria, and soon my marvelous parents became shaked with this. So much that in one night, revealing to them that I am the Angel of Death, they put me in a asylum – and then everything changed in my life, because I fall to Hell for the first time. However I endured three months in that madness, because God was always with me. Remember: God is with you in every moments, don’t reject Him.

Since I left the asylum, I was unemployed again and my only alternative was to change to a strange and desolate city called Rondonópolis, in the state of Mato Grosso. This strange and decadent city was my home for a long time – and still is because, unfortunately, I could’t fix myself in Maringá, in the state of Paraná. I Hate to live in a place like this, but was the desire of God that I have to go back here. That because was revealed in Maringá that The End will start here.

Still in Maringá, I went to Hell for the second time, just because I tried to save a girl kidnapped by elements slaves from the Devil – I throwed stones in one of them, and he after scape from the crime scene – because I was considered crazy for everybody, even by the cops and the angels that save lives (called SIATE) the person in question did a Issue Bouletin (B.O. in Portuguese) about me stating that I was insane – with it, I falled in the Hell called asylum one more time and passed 30 days in there.

There are a lot to say, and I come back to the subject of God: He is very Pious and Merciful, so much that he instructed me to not die on the difficult moments. I tried suicide, but I always failed – because God has a Purpose to my life that is spread God’s Words. God can do everything, e He will guide my hand to write the right words for the Right People.

On this rush times, I won’t write a long text – I will write only the necessary for you also can find God in your life.

Chapter 2: Suffering

Don’t you think that you will find God without suffering. I suffer 32 years to finally see the revelation and know what I know. God don’t manifest for the sloth ones all over the world. God reveals Himself only for those that want to help the next, gain his/her money honestly and being happy with simple and little things from life.

Now, for those that live in luxury and wait everything with help from money, my apologies but you live with base in other god: Mamon, one of the Seven Princes of Hell. This is your adored god, because everything that you want you use money and Idolizing this fake god that will take your soul in the Judgment Time. God don’t forgive those who live in Luxury and Greed, two Capital Sins. God won’t look at you, even if you are a billionaire. I am sorry for your corrupted soul, soon you will burn mate.

Back to God, those who didn’t suffered in this life don’t have the right of Felling Him – because God only manifest for those who fight against what life imposes: difficulties, famine, cold, thirst, a place to live. God helps the little ones, Lookout and has a Fury Eye against the envious, sycophants and money lovers/Mamon Idolaters. Prepare yourself, because your soul was already weighted. Only your body must be prepared, that’s all it takes.

Ending: Suffering gives us Strength to fight, give us what to find and to realize what we want by Hope, that is God’s source.

Chapter 3: Hope and Faith

 Brothers and sisters, the daily words for you persevere are Hope and Faith. This is all that you need to win in life. Of course there’s the “little way”, but use it with your account at risk. Hope to fight another day, Faith for those that feel that God is Watching them – and He is, He looks for all of us. Stay safe and in peace, help a needy/poor, be warm with your brother/sister – because we are brothers by the sight of God, believe it.

Have Hope in a rainy day, in a cold day or even in a hot day like nowadays are. Have Faith in God and he will guide you in the difficult moments because they are so many. Pray when you can, because pray is the base of Faith. Fear God, because he knows your sins and always – ALWAYS – He will wait for your conversion to Him and not for the Devil. Trust, have patience and fight because God will appear to you one day. Thank you for read till here, stay with God and Amen.


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